General Rules


  1. These General Rules of the Association may not be altered or rescinded except by an Annual General or Extraordinary General Meeting.
  2. Members of the Association are required to acquaint themselves with these General Rules and to comply with them in every respect. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action or expulsion from the Association.
  3. The Association cannot accept liability in the event of loss or damage to members property (including growing plants) on allotments or in premises rented from, and controlled by, the Association.
  4. No member may rent allotments from the Association which in total exceed 20 poles. However, when there is no waiting list, existing members may take on extra plots and retain them, although a waiting list may be formed in the future.
  5. Members must ensure that their allotment is properly cultivated and maintained within its prescribed boundaries to the satisfaction of the General Management Committee. Those whose allotment is considered to be in an unsatisfactory condition will be sent a warning letter.
  6. Members who fail to heed a written warning about the condition of their allotment may have their membership cancelled, not less than one month from the date of the warning letter, and their allotment will be re-let.
  7. All sheds and other erections must be properly maintained and must not impede or obstruct access to the ridings or paths or represent a safety hazard to other members.
  8. New allotment sheds must not exceed 8’ (length) x 6’ (width) x 6.5’ (height).
  9. Sheds and other erections shall be used only for the purpose of storing gardening tools, accessories and produce and not for any purpose unrelated to gardening.
  10. The site Management Sub-Committee shall carry out regular inspection of all sites controlled by the Association and shall take, on behalf of the General Management Committee, such action as may be judged appropriate (see rule 5) against any member whose allotment is found to be in an unsatisfactory condition.
  11. The planting of new fruit trees is restricted to “Dwarf Stock” and limited to one tree per 5 poles. All trees and bushes must be planted at least three feet inside an allotment boundary but not on the riding. The ground beneath trees must be kept free of weeds at all times.
  12. Members may not under any circumstances sub-let any portion of their allotments.
  13. Members must not leave litter or rubbish of any description (or allow any person for whom he or she is responsible to do so) on their allotment or anywhere else on an allotment site.
  14. Stones or rubble must not be left on ridings or paths or deposited in hedges or ditches, but may be used on the paths between allotments.
  15. Access to allotments is restricted to members of the Association and to their spouses or dependants. The site Management Sub-Committee reserves the right to expel or exclude any person from either allotment site who is not a member and whose behaviour is unacceptable.
  16. Members must not gain access to, or leave, their allotments by using a path forming part of another member’s allotment plot. i.e. paths that are part of a plot should not be walked on without the permission of the plot-holder.
  17. Members are responsible for ensuring that grass on paths and sections of main riding bordering on their allotments are cut regularly and that paths and ridings are kept clear of obstacles. Members shall not reduce the width of the ridings.
  18. Although water storage tanks may be filled directly by hose-pipes, hose-pipes may not be used directly for watering crops. Any member seen using a hose-pipe on the land will be warned verbally by a Committee Member, this will be confirmed in writing. Any future mis-use will result in a fine (minimum £10.00) or the non-renewal of membership. Members filling watering cans shall have priority at all times.
  19. Care must be taken in the use of any pesticide, fungicide, herbicide or chemical fertilisers. Members in doubt should seek the advice of the General Management Committee.
  20. Members purchase goods from the Association’s shop at their own risk. The Association as a private organisation, cannot accept liability for items purchased.
  21. Any member who commits themselves to any goods, services or facilities offered by the Association (eg. seed orders or visit to an horticultural show) for which payment is due, shall be liable for payment in full even if they subsequently decide not to avail themselves of the goods or service concerned.
  22. Dogs are not allowed on the allotment sites unless accompanied by their owners and kept on a lead at all times. Owners must ensure that their dogs do not foul crops, ridings or paths.
  23. Any dispute between members should be referred to the General Management Committee which will consider it at it’s next scheduled monthly meeting. The Committee’s decision shall be final.
  24. Members may not keep livestock or pets on allotments which are only to be used for horticultural purposes.
  25. From 1st April 2013 no individual bonfires are allowed on plots. Green waste bins are supplied by the Council for the disposal of non-compostable plant material. These bins are situated at both entrances to the site and will be emptied weekly. 2 communal bonfires will be allowed each year to dispose of wood, one in February and one in November. Dates of these bonfires will be advertised on site.
  26. Any member wishing to relinquish their allotment must give one month’s notice, in writing, to the secretary.
  27. Membership fees, including allotment rents, must be paid by 31st March, two weekends in early March will be set aside when members may pay their fees at the shop.
  28. In the case of overdue membership fees being accepted after 31st March, a fine of £2.00 per month will be charged.
  29. Any member who has not paid their membership fee by the 1st of May immediately following the due date, and has not given in writing a satisfactory reason acceptable by the General Management Committee shall be deemed to have given up tenancy of their allotment and their membership of the Association.
  30. Members must submit written notice of any resolution, motion or agenda item for an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.
  31. A deposit is required for the issue of an Allotment gate key. This deposit is refundable on return of the key when a member relinquishes their allotment or their membership is otherwise terminated.
  32. The Association shall become affiliated with the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG) and members shall pay the Society’s fee in addition to their rent.
  33. On rent days any member who has had 2 warning letters in the last 12 months will be given only 6 months to show improvement. Failure to do so will result in loss of tenancy.
  34. Senior members will be given a 50% reduction on their rents from 2011. A Senior member has to be aged 60 or more on or before 31st March of the rent year. Proof of age will be required for first time applicants.


Please help us to keep the bins safe and tidy.

The bins need to be outside the perimeter on Thursday nights ready to be emptied on Fridays.

If you are leaving the site on a Thursday evening please help us by wheeling a bin outside.

If you are entering the site on a Friday morning please help us by wheeling the bin inside.

Last updated 3rd March 2014 following the Annual General Meeting

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