Contact Us

Interested in an allotment in London Road?

Although no plots are currently available for rent, please contact either Gerry or Jane to be placed on the waiting list and you will be informed when plots become available.

Gerry Cochrane (Site Manager):  01908 563826

Jane Ruessmann (Secretary): 07741 451794

Or feel free to look at our FaceBook Page:


3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. digstony says:

    Thanks for posting this Jim. I have notified Muriel and she is going to check.

  2. Lucy Martin says:

    Hi. I applied for an allotment last year and was told that I was moving up the the waiting list and that you should have some news for me by March. I tried to email for an update today but your the email keeps bouncing back to me saying your email address is undeliverable. Thanks

    • digstony says:

      Sorry for delay in replying Lucy, we are having problems with our facebook management but I can tell you that you are now second in line for a plot.
      Next weekend we shall be collecting rents for the coming year and there is a strong possibility there will be some plot becoming vacant then.

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